«This rarely seen document is a Fatwa or religious decree issued in May 1909 by Grand Sheikh Salim al-Bishri of Egypt, condemning Turkish Muslims for massacring 30,000 Armenians Adana, a major city in the Ottoman Empire. ««This document makes it amply clear that the Armenian massacres of 1909 and the subsequent Genocide of 1915 were not the result of religious conflict between Muslim Turks and Christian Armenians.»

The document makes it amply clear that the Grand Sheikh was defending his «religion.»   What he makes «amply clear» is the Turks who discriminated, oppressed, and forced high religious taxes on the non – Muslims  were Muslims until they began slaughtering non-Muslim viciously and without remorse for hundreds of witnesses to judge all Muslims, and Islam by.. Although I do find the Grand Sheikh of Salim’s intention to defend what he truly believes is the true reflection of Islam noteworthy.  

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