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Greetings from Renxkyoko Iglesias !

Oy ! About this blogging thing…. do you sometimes feel it’s become an obligation to post something, even if you think there’s really nothing you can write down that will interest readers of your blog? At this moment, my mind is blank. Well, I can talk about some current issues like the acquital of that p*ssy coward George Zimmerman, or this idiot guy Edward Snowden, the security secrets thief. But then, I tend to run my mouth off and offend readers,y’know, and I don’t want that. So, let me gather my thoughts for a sec……
[ … ]

Oh, yes ! ! My Mom and I just discussed about the possibility of going on another trip next summer. This time, we’ll go to Asia, specifically, Philippines, ( of course ), Japan, Thailand, Singapore , and South Korea. This depends on my employer though. Believe it…

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