The Nice Thing About Strangers

I’m going through notebooks from my first trip to Bosnia-Hercegovina so I can use some of it in a novel I’m trying to finish. There’s something very humbling about re-reading my detailed record of every mistake and worry from that trip. It shows me how much has changed and how much I have stayed the same. Nonetheless, I have learned a lot about myself by going abroad alone. I hope I can turn it into something for my main character, since I’m sending her there as well. I hate to use anything I may need for the story, but I thought I’d send some photos from Mostar that send me back to those warm, curious, self-conscious days.

Thanks for being so patient with the blog as I finish up with editing the novel. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to share with you this “thank you note as thinly-veiled fiction” soon.


P.S. If you go to Mostar…

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