TINA – My Love Story – ‘Two People In Luck’

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First glimpse at TINA: My Love Story – ‘I’m Still Here’ – Part 2

I am actually shaking as I write these lines… Swiss magazine Blick just published some gobsmacking extracts from the upcoming Tina biography: ‘My Love Story‘. First reaction: Tina Turner is superhuman and Erwin Bach is the bravest and most amazing gentlemen ever! I won’t even try to summarize it for now, here’s a quick translation from the article in German.

Part 1: A new life from the love of her life

«Will you marry me, Tina?»

That was the simple sentence with which Erwin Bach, the love of my life-the man I had fallen in love with at first glance-was dizzy when I saw him – had made an application. His English sounded a bit awkward – Erwin is German, so English is a foreign language for him – but I liked it. He was…

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