TINA Talks To Oprah

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To my mind, no one deserves the label «rock royalty» more than Tina Turner, the artist whose legs launched a thousand gym visits and whose songs are tattooed on all our hearts.

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In her brand new memoir, My Love Story, the eight-time Grammy winner explores her painful childhood, her victorious career resurrection after an infamously abusive relationship, her much-happier current marriage to her longtime partner, the musical based on her story (Tina: The Tina Turner Musical), and the array of serious illnesses she’s conquered.

But when I recently caught up with her over Skype, it was under tragic circumstances: Her 59-year-old son, Craig, had ended his life mere weeks before. Nonetheless, Tina opened up to me about loss, a lifesaving gift, and the spirit that propels her forward.

It’s been 20 years since our first conversation I was then—and will forever be— your biggest fan. 

Well, thank…

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