Prologue To A Love Story

Tina Turner Blog

In the prologue to Tina Turner’s new memoir, «My Love Story» (published by Atria Books), reproduced below, Tina Turner talks about her instinct for self-preservation. Watch the video to hear Tina reciting the prologue to her new biography.

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Between You & Me 

When I was a little girl, I loved taking chances. I’d swing over creeks in the backwoods of Nutbush, Tennessee, the place where I grew up, never thinking for a second what might happen if I fell into that swampy water. I tussled with animals – horses, mules, even snakes. I’m afraid of them now, but I wasn’t when I was a child. I wasn’t afraid of anything. One day, when I was playing in the woods, I found a little green snake and I thought, Where did that one come from? I was sure the baby had gotten separated from its mother. So…

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