‘I’m One!’

Tina Turner Blog

Originally published in Zoomer Magazine, January 2019 Issue.

Article by Brian Johnson

Finally, she had everything. Fame, success, money, love. She had survived a suicide attempt, escaped a monstrous husband who abused her onstage and off and staged a solo comeback that made her a global superstar. Then after half a century in show business, she happily called it quits and married the man of her dreams in a fairy-tale wedding at a Swiss château, surrounded by 140,000 red and yellow roses and serenaded by Bryan Adams as she walked down the aisle. For a moment, her life was perfect.

Three months later, she woke up unable to walk. Tina Turner had suffered a stroke. It was 2013, and she was 73. She was all set to live happily ever after, but her body had other plans.

Before Beyoncé. Before Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Madonna and Gaga. Before Cardi B, Miley…

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