‘I Refuse To Give In’

Tina Turner Blog

Fantastic new interview of Tina Turner published this morning in The Sunday Post. Is a stage comeback possible? TINA tells us more about it!

Interview by Bernard Bale.

Tina Turner will be 80 at the end of this year! But, do you know what? She doesn’t care – her heart is still beating to the sound of a disco and her soul is still in the grip of rock ’n’ roll!

Retirement? Sure, she is retired but she cannot sit still for long and could still burst back on stage with the kind of explosion only she can create.

“When you have had a lifetime of great music and performance, you can’t just put it away in a drawer like it never happened,” said Tina.

It is within you all the time and even though I retired a while ago I cannot just sit around and pretend it never happened…

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