mother A sketch I simply call «Mother»

Good Morning «My wonderful Brave, and Courageous, AlanaKalanian Warriors…»

Above is just a quick sketch I drew while waiting for someone, doing so to pass the time, it was years back and oddly I recently came across it.

Not my best work, obviously,  I suppose could have «Photoshop» it, whatever that means..

I e=was going for the original look.

It may have not been something I would have framed and hung in a place where others could see it but it had something special to offer me, it inspired me.

Yes, I am hanging it now where everyone in the entire world could see it, but I have a story I’d like to share with all of my warriors, that I couldn’t if the picture was seen.

Not all writers are «artists» but I believe they are two skills that work very well together.

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