‘From Kusnacht, Here’s Mary…’

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‘… And from Zurich, I’m Tina’

Tina Turner long time love for Switzerland is no secret for anyone. Having lived there since 1995 she especially fancy her little town of Kusnacht, located on the shore of Zurich’s Lake. Of course the people there are used to seeing her, from the gas station Joe to the delicatessen shop owner, no one makes a fuzz when the Queen wanders around. Tina attended a few celebrations in her adoptive town in the past years, turning the lights on for the Christmas decorations and the christening of the town rescue boat that holds her name.

Tina Live in Zurich 2000 – I Want To Take You Higher

Tina Live in Zurich 2000 – Absolutely Nothing Changed

Tina Live in Zurich 2000 – We Don’t Need Another Hero

Besides the peacefulness she found there, Switzerland, like every other European country represents a significative part of…

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