Why do Portuguese and French sound so different from Spanish?

Visión lingüística

Portuguese and Spanish have a very similar grammar, vocabulary
and structure. However, they are phonetically very different. Portuguese
pronunciation is more like French, and Spanish is Italian. But before knowing
the reason why Portuguese sounds the way it sounds, we must know the process
that shaped the French pronunciation.

French is a Romance language that descends from Gallo-Roman,
an ancient Romance language, spoken by the Gauls and more specifically by the
Belgians. Ancient Gaul (now France) was always a multilingual place. It is
estimated that at the time of the French Revolution, three quarters of the
French population spoke a language other than French. The alteration of its
pronunciation could be due to the Celts and Germans.

The Gauls spoke a Celtic language, and the Franks a Germanic language; These two languages ​​had a lot of influence in French. There are written testimonies that Gaulish continued to be used in…

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