Dreaming by Félix Páramo

Gobblers / Masticadores

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are real”

                                  Tupac Shakur


I dreamed about you last night

and dreamt of you waking up.

I also dreamt you awake

and I dreamed of you woke up.

Was my dream your dream as well?

No doubt they were our dreams.

Other life

“To dare is to lose your balance momentarily.

Not to dare is to lose oneself”

Soren Kierkegaard

I flew,

I ascended to where

the eagles dream their dwellings:

close to your sky.

I will have to be born again.

Yes. I will need another life

to inhabit

the boulders, rocks and cavities

of your summits.

When nothing anymore exists

“You see things and you say: why?

But I dream things that never were and say: why not?”

                                                    George Bernard Shaw

When the world dies of old age

and the stars grow tired of shining

or when nobody remembers

that there…

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